About Own It


The Own It Initiative started in 2012 as a joint effort between The Center for Women and Families and MensWork:  eliminating violence against women, inc.  with the goal of engaging men to carry the mission of The Center in their own voices. As this Initiative has grown, its mission has become refined and focused:


 We invite, engage and equip men to speak out and step up to prevent gender-based violence.


In August 2014, MensWork merged with The Center for Women and Families, adopting the Own It Initiative as its main community-based effort.  Own it currently has formalized on organizational structure, established “working groups” and is launching our main efforts in the community.

Own It has a modified “spokes” model as its organizational structure.  The working groups are where the bulk of the work is done regarding our projects and efforts.  Each working group identifies a “spokesperson” who serves on the Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board coordinates the overall efforts of Own It, ensures that the different projects and efforts are being implemented in a coordinated way and helps provide the resources needed for the efforts.  The Advisory Board is also the primary means by which Own It advises The Center on is services and programs as it relates to effectively engaging men and boys.


Program Principles


The working groups meet on an as needed basis (usually once a month, but sometimes more or less frequently depending on need).

 Editorial Board (not currently active)

List of published op-eds:

Fostering the False Fear of False Allegations (10/9/2015)

Distinguishing when Language is Threatening (6/26/15)

Still Great Challenges to Overcome in Women’s Equality (6/8/2015)

Are Men Really Listening About Domestic Violence (3/25/2015)

Men’s Voices Against Violence (2/14/2015)

Seeking Help from Senate Dads (2/14/2015

Responses to Domestic Violence (9/20/2014)

White Ribbon Kentuckiana wants Men Involved in Stopping Domestic Violence  (10/1/2013)


Works to create a strategic plan to evaluate the efforts of the Own It Initiative in regards to its effectiveness in deepening men’s engagement in these issues and in the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence.

Current evaluation efforts include:

The Evaluation Team is also working to develop a strategy to evaluate our efforts to change the social environment in order to better support/encourage men to be active in addressing sexual and intimate partner violence.



the Education Working Group focuses ion developing educational content that Own It offers to the community, as well as advises The Center on the educational efforts provided by The Center to improve The Center’s efforts to reach and engage men and boys.

The Current focus of our educational efforts focus on the Ally workshops — helping to develop men’s confidence and abilities to act as allies with women and girls to prevent all forms of gender based violence.


The Events Working Group, as the name suggests, focuses on organizing public events for Own It, as well as helping to promote and engage men to participate in Events organized by The Center for women and Families (such as the annual “Speak her Name” event), or the community at large (such as the annual Take Back the Night March).

One of the biggest events of the year organized by Own It is our annual “Do More:  Male Voices Against Violence” Breakfast.  This annual breakfast brings together 200 + of our friends and supporters and is where we update the community about the current efforts and Achievements of Own It.

Website/Social Media

The Website/Social Media working Group works to keep the website updated and helps us with the strategizing of how to best use social media outlets to promote Own It and engage men in our efforts.


If you are interested in joining our efforts, contact us at ownit@cwfempower.org or (502)581-7234