The Own It Initiative has two main projects.

Becoming an Ally

The “Ally Workshop” is our introductory workshop and overview of what it means to act “as an ally”.  The basic question addressed by this introductory workshop is “how do we as men act as allies with women, while building an alliance with other men?”  As men, we know well how to protect women, and how to do so in ways that confront (usually harshly) or “attack” other men.  What we know, however, is that women don’t necessarily want or need us to “protect” them and confronting or attaching other men generally isn’t an effective strategy for community-building or social change.

This three-hour workshop provides some basic bystander intervention techniques combined with ally practices, explores how individuals can effectively act as allies, and ends with a discussion (and some initial planning) on how groups of men can act as a collective to help prevent gender based violence.

We provide this workshop roughly on a monthly basis, but also work with local community groups (faith communities, schools, etc.) to host these workshops.  If you are interested in joining one or helping us to plan one, contact us at

It Starts With Respect

It Starts with Respect is a seven-session modular curricula for adolescent men that walks men through the elements of a respectful and equitable dating relationship which starts with respect. The content is modular so that if partner organizations do not have the opportunity to invite Own It to offer the full curriculum, we can adapt it based on the topics that you feel are most relevant and pressing for the young men you want to receive the program.  We ask for no less than three (3) sessions.


Topics covered include:

  • “It Starts with Respect/Respect is Attractive”
  • “Be Real”
  • “Equality Matters”
  • “Consent is Sexy”
  • “Getting to Yes”
  • “Do the Right Thing”
  • Handling Conflict


Own It also offers additional educational programs and workshops. The Own It Initiative can work with you to develop a specific educational program that work for your organization and your efforts.