What We Can Do

Men can also take collective action in our groups and organizations.  You can join our efforts by becoming active in the Own It, joining a Working Group, or contacting us to host an Ally Workshop at your place of worship, school, or community group.  You can also take on efforts on your own to help support women or men who have been victimized, work to end intimate partner or sexual violence, or support gender equality or gender respect.

  • Invite someone from Own It to speak to your group about what you can do.
  • As a group, join the Take Back the Night Rally.


  • As a group, come to one of the events organized by Own It.
  • Add supporting gender respect and gender equality as a part of your group’s goals.
  • Organize a fundraiser in support of The Center for Women and Families.
  • Collectively challenge men who have acted abusive towards their partner or women in general.
  • Collectively challenge behaviors or attitudes that demonstrate gender dis-respect.
  •  Organize an “ally workshop” for your group.

Recruit your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow students, etc. to sign the pledge

  • Ask men you know, one-on-one, to join you in taking a stand against violence against women and girls.
  • Organize a small get together over coffee and invite a group of men to sign the pledge.
  • At a cookout you’re having, put up a small display about Own It and what we do (The Center can provide you with materials).
  • Put out Own It materials at your next superbowl party (or for final four, Derby, Indy 500, World Series, golf tournament, etc.).

Invite Own It to your school, organization, business, or community meeting

  • Invite us in to do our Ally Workshop.
  • We can work along with you to create a specific workshop or series that makes the most sense for your congregation/community.
  • Work with Own It to organize an “Own It Day” where we can talk about what we do, preventing violence against women and recruit men to become ambassadors too.
  • Explore if your organization’s willing to become an “Ally Organization.”

Invite Own It to bring the ally workshop to your Faith Community.

  • Ask your Minister/rabbi/imam/priest/pastor to publicly sign the “Own It Pledge”.
  • Ask men from your congregation to sign the pledge.
  • Partner with Own It to organize a faith event at your place of worship for Domestic Violence Awareness  & Prevention Month (October) or Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month (April).
  • Print the Own It Pledge in your bulletin.
  • Invite Own It to your congregation to explore organizing your church/synagogue/mosque as an Ally Organization.
  • Ask your faith-leader to speak at least once a year, from the pulpit, on ending violence against women and girls.
  • Ask that a portion of the plate be gathered as a donation for Own It or The Center for Women and Families.